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Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in more serious accidents than those involved in typical car accidents, due to the fact that motorcycle riders are not enclosed on all four sides. Injuries can include head and brain trauma, broken bones, internal bleeding, paralysis, and death, which is why it’s important that riders always seek medical attention after an accident.

However, motorcycle accidents are also preventable, as they’re often the result of human error. In 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 51% of fatal motorcycle accidents involved another motor vehicle. It’s relatively easy for other drivers to not see motorcyclists, or for motorcyclists to put themselves in harm’s way.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re a motorcyclist who wants to stay safe on the road:

  • Wear a helmet: Helmets can be the one thing that stands between you and life or death in an accident. Not wearing a helmet can result in you suffering from brain damage, concussions, and even comas.
  • Try to not share lanes: While it’s tempting to split a lane with a car due to your motorcycle being compact, sharing lanes can be dangerous, and you may end up in a driver’s blind spot.
  • Learn about common mistakes to avoid: Don’t speed while entering a corner, and be aware of other drivers while making turns so that you can avoid being hit by a turning car or an opening car door.
  • Follow speed limits: Increased speeds can lead to accidents resulting from sharp turns. Ride at the speed limit to avoid hydroplaning or running into a car or pedestrian.
  • Don’t drink and ride: Around 50% of all fatal motorcycle accidents involve alcohol. Abstain from drinking to reduce your risk of getting into a crash.

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