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What Happens When a Motorcyclist is Hit By an Uninsured Driver?

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident involving a larger vehicle, the motorcyclist’s injuries can be serious, if not fatal. Fortunately, in most cases, the motorcyclist or the family members of that motorcyclist can file a lawsuit against the driver responsible for the collision in order to obtain maximum monetary compensation. But, what happens when a motorcyclist is involved in a crash caused by a driver without insurance?

According to Michigan’s no-fault insurance system, motorcycle riders who are harmed in collisions involving uninsured drivers can still recover monetary compensation, which is provided by the motorcyclist’s insurer. However, for this to happen, the motorcyclist must have purchased uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage, which is optional but highly recommended.

Although many motorcyclists may not realize it, accidents involving drivers with no or not enough insurance are actually quite common. In fact, according to information supplied by the Insurance Information Institute, 13% of drivers in the United States do not have any kind of insurance. In Michigan, this rate increases to 21% of drivers operating vehicles without insurance.

These Cases are Time Sensitive

According to Michigan laws, an individual only has three years from the time the collision occurred to bring a personal injury suit against a responsible driver. Motorcyclists who failed to purchase uninsured motorist coverage may file a lawsuit against the uninsured, at-fault driver, although the driver may not be able to afford the total amount of compensation the motorcyclist needs. Because these types of cases can be complex, it is crucial that motorcyclists harmed in accidents contact legal representation right away.

Goodman Acker P.C. Can Stand By Your Side

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and believe the other motorist should be held responsible for your injuries, we encourage you to contact a Detroit car accident lawyer from Goodman Acker P.C. right away. At our firm, we are zealous in our fight to protect the rights of accident victims. For this reason, we are ready to examine your case and determine which legal strategies can help you obtain maximum financial compensation as soon as possible.

To speak with a Detroit car accident attorney from our team, call our office or fill out a free case review online. We are backed by more than 75 years of experience!

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