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Where and When Motorcycle Accidents Occur

Any kind of vehicle accident, including motorcycle accidents, can occur at any time a motorist is driving recklessly, negligently, or irresponsibly. Of course, these accidents can result in serious harms, and in the worst cases, fatal injuries. However, recent statistics reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that accidents involving motorcyclists occur between the hours of noon and 9 PM. Additionally, research shows that these accidents most commonly occur during warmer months from June through September on non-interstate major roads in rural areas.

Because the warmer summer months are approaching, it is important that all motorists remain on the lookout for motorcycle riders who may be using this time of year to enjoy leisurely rides or these vehicles as fuel-efficient modes of transportation. To help keep motorcycle riders free of injuries during a time of year when motorcycle accidents are more common, drivers should consider the following safety tips our Detroit motorcycle accident lawyers have listed below:

  1. When changing lanes, be sure to check all mirrors and blind spots before moving over.
  2. Always use your turn signals, even if you do not believe another motorist is around.
  3. Never ride too closely to a motorcyclist.
  4. Give motorcyclists extra room when motorcyclists move to pass your vehicle.

Our Detroit Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Fight for Your Rights.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident and believe another driver or rider should be held responsible, contact a Detroit motorcycle accident lawyer from Goodman Acker P.C. right away. Our legal team can examine your case and determine which legal approaches can best safeguard your future and help you recover maximum compensation for any physical harms, emotional distresses, lost wages, and medical expenses you may have suffered as a result. Because these types of cases can be highly complex and are time-sensitive, we encourage you to get in touch with our team right away.

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