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Women Injured in Dearborn Car Accident Turns to Goodman Acker for Legal Help

The Dearborn car accident attorneys of Goodman Acker P.C. have been called upon by a 61-year old woman and her daughter, who were hurt in a bad auto accident caused by another party. Our client was driving along the Greenfield Avenue and Prospect Street intersection in August of 2017 when a negligent driver merged into her lane without checking to see if it was clear. As a result, our client’s vehicle was rocked in a violent crash.

Our client suffered multiple fractures to her right foot, which needed surgery to correct. She also suffered an injury to her Achilles tendon, which will make walking uncomfortable for some time, even if it heals entirely. The accident itself and the resulting injuries have caused her significant emotional distress and discomfort. Her daughter luckily did not suffer any severe injuries.

After researching our client’s claim, our personal injury lawyers filed a lawsuit against the liable parties in Wayne County Circuit Court. We have named both the driver and the owner of the vehicle that crashed into our client as defendants in our plaintiff’s claim. As it was discovered, the driver was not actually the owner of the vehicle, so we had to be sure we covered all sources of potential liability.

We have also been tasked to handle our client’s first-party lawsuit against her own insurance company, Liberty Mutual. Her insurer has denied her entitled no-fault benefits, but we intend to fight tirelessly on her behalf to secure those benefits.

For more information about this developing case, be sure to visit our blog frequently for updates as they come. If you would like to know more about Goodman Acker P.C. and our personal injury attorneys in Dearborn, you can view our client testimonials, browse some of our recent case results, or contact us directly to schedule a consultation.

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