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Sterling Heights Car Accident Lawyer

Fighting for Your Fair and Full Compensation

Being involved in a car accident is stressful and traumatic enough. After an accident, you might be saddled with huge medical bills, missed time at work, and other expenses and effects that can be crushing financially. In such cases, it’s critical to speak with a Sterling Heights car accident lawyer who can help you to recover compensation and make sure that you’re not held financially responsible for an accident that you did not cause.

While there are many car accident lawyers in Sterling Heights and in Michigan, finding a law firm with a reputation for success and a team of compassionate, experienced attorneys is not always easy. At Goodman Acker, our Sterling Heights car accident lawyers have a record of standing up for their clients, pursuing justice, and accepting only maximum settlements for clients.

The team at Goodman Acker has a 99 percent success rate.

Time is of the essence if you’ve been in an automobile accident. So, contact our car accident lawyers in Sterling Heights for immediate assistance with managing your claim and obtaining damages that you’re owed. Call Goodman Acker at (248) 306-8729 and ask for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Why Choose Us?

We know how painful and challenging it can be to suffer from an unexpected injury from a car accident. It affects not just you, but your children, spouse, and families. We know you just want to get well and stop the physical and emotional pain as much as the financial. As a personal injury law firm, Goodman Acker  consistently prove our commitment to legal excellence through unparalleled knowledge of personal injury law and the civil court system in Macomb County and throughout Michigan. Our legacy and reputation depend on our experience and our successes. And that’s why you choose Goodman Acker to represent you or your loved one: because every injured person entitled to compensation deserves strong, consistent representation so that they can recover that compensation.

What sets our personal injury firm apart from the rest in Warren, Michigan? It’s our standard of excellence, which includes:

  • More than 150 years of combined experience
  • A 99% success rate for settled cases
  • Case results resulting in millions of dollars for our clients and their families
  • Client-focused representation that produces strong client testimonials
  • Featured regularly in the news with media outlets like Fox 2 News and Local 4 Detroit
  • Commitment to and aggressive-yet-ethical, high-performing firm culture
  • Availability 24/7 for client emergencies
  • Free initial consultations

Our standard of excellence and the quality representation it fosters get noticed by our clients and our peers. We are consistently recognized as top personal injury lawyers by:

  • Super Lawyers
  • AV Martindale-Hubbell
  • The National Trial Lawyers Top 100

This recognition does not come easy, but we continue to receive it because we work diligently to build compelling cases. We fight for our clients when others might retreat.

Damages that Our Car Accident Lawyers in Sterling Heights Can Help You Recover

Car accidents result in injuries and numerous expenses for accident victims. By filing a claim or lawsuit, our Sterling Heights car accident lawyers can help you to recover damages resulting from your accident. Damages are the expenses incurred as a result of an accident. The damages that our attorneys can help you recover include economic damages, which are quantifiable, calculable expenses, such as:

  • Medical bills, therapy costs, and future medical expenses,
  • Loss if income if you missed work while recovering, and
  • Loss of future earning capacity if your accident affected your ability to perform your job.

Our Sterling Heights car accident lawyers can also obtain non-economic damages, which include generally non-quantifiable and non-monetary losses that still warrant compensation. Non-economic damages following a car accident frequently include:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Loss of quality of life,
  • Permanent disability and scarring, and
  • Loss of consortium and companionship for married victims.

Every car accident case is unique, and you may have additional damages that your case qualifies for. Consulting with our car accident lawyers in Sterling Heights can help to determine what types of compensation your case involves. As knowledgeable truck accident attorneys and motorcycle accident attorneys, we can handle accident cases involving these vehicles as well.

I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Sterling Heights. What Should I Do Next?

How Our Sterling Heights Car Accident Attorneys Stand Up for You from the Start

Head injuries are very common in car wreck claims. Frequently, these victims don’t realize how badly they are hurt. Adrenaline temporarily masks head injury pain. That’s why athletes who sustain concussions during contests often ask their coaches to immediately put them back into the game. Since car crash victims aren’t thinking clearly, they often do, or don’t do, some things that could later derail their injury claim. Here are a few post-car crash dos and don’ts to remember:

  • DON’T Speak to Another Insurance Adjuster: Crash victims have no legal obligation to report accidents to the other driver’s insurance company. These victims should exercise this right. Highly trained telephone adjusters know how to back a victim into the corner and make them say things that come back to haunt them in court.
  • DO See a Doctor: Immediately seeking qualified medical treatment is probably the best thing a victim can do to help their case. This step is also important from a health and safety standpoint. Many car wreck injuries, like the aforementioned head injuries, are degenerative. If finances are an issue, a Sterling Heights car accident lawyer can connect a victim with a well-qualified doctor who charges no money up front.
  • DON’T Apologize: In the everyday world, people often say “I’m sorry” to express sympathy. But in a court of law, an insurance company lawyer could twist an apology into an admission of liability. Therefore, it’s usually a good idea not to speak to anyone except emergency responders at an accident scene.
  • DO Call a Lawyer: Reaching out to an attorney is usually the last thing on a car crash victim’s mind. But this step is necessary to preserve your legal rights. If the insurance company does the right thing and pays fair compensation, a victim can always drop their legal action later. But they cannot go back and start over.

When you select your Sterling Heights car accident lawyer, look for an attorney with considerable experience in personal injury law. Your lawyer should also be dedicated to this area of law and be available to meet with you and/or answer your questions.

After you’ve been hurt in a car accident, don’t burden yourself with insurance and case negotiations. Instead, let our Sterling Heights car accident attorneys handle your case.

Understanding Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance Law

In Michigan, not all car crash victims must go to court to obtain compensation for their accident-related losses. The state’s no-fault insurance law applies if the car crash was a “fender bender” which primarily caused property damage. These victims may file claims under their auto insurance policy’s Personal Injury Protection clause. Usually, the insurance company cannot raise rates because a customer files a PIP claim.

The good news is that full compensation is available even if the victim was partially at fault for the wreck. The bad news about the no-fault law is that only compensation for some economic losses, mostly property damage, is available.

Victims who sustain a serious injury in a car crash may partner with a Sterling Heights car accident lawyer and obtain full compensation for all their economic losses. Compensation for noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering, is also available in these cases. Michigan law defines a serious injury as:

  • Permanent serious disfigurement,
  • Death, or
  • Serious impairment of a bodily function.

Most injuries qualify under the third bullet point. There’s a difference between “serious” and “permanent.” So, as a rule of thumb, if your vehicle wasn’t drivable after the wreck, you probably sustained a serious injury.

Car Accidents FAQ

Common Questions for Our Sterling Heights Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably have more than just a few questions for our Sterling Heights car accident lawyer. Below are several common questions that can help you find answers to your inquiries.

What Is a Fair Settlement for My Car Accident Case?

It’s not possible to know the exact value of a case without looking at the conditions and factors involved. By reviewing your case with our car accident attorneys in Sterling Heights, you can have a clearer picture of how much your case is worth. As a general estimate, take the sum of all your damages (meaning medical bills, missed time at work, auto repairs, and more) and multiply it by three. That figure may approximate the value of your case.

How Quickly Will I Receive Compensation for My Car Accident Case?

Although almost all personal injury cases settle out of court, it’s impossible to tell how long this process will take in a particular case.

If all legal, factual, and other issues in the claim are crystal clear, the insurance company has a legal duty to immediately settle the claim. If there is a question in one or more of these areas, and there usually is, a Sterling Heights car accident lawyer must normally file legal paperwork, and the case must go through the complex court system.

Why Should I Work with a Sterling Heights Car Accident Attorney at Goodman Acker?

The Sterling Heights car accident lawyers at Goodman Acker not only have the experience and knowledge needed to win cases and to help secure compensation for accident victims, but we also have the resolve and dedication needed to fight for maximum compensation. We offer firsthand personal attention for each client and case because our legal team wants the best outcomes for everyone we serve. Additionally, we don’t back down from the serious accident cases involving spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, and other catastrophic injuries. We handle the tough cases that require determination and resolve.

Do I Still Have a Case If I Was Partially at Fault for My Sterling Heights Car Accident?

Yes, in many cases. Michigan follows a modified comparative negligence rule. So, even if you were partially to blame for your accident, you may still be able to recover compensation via a claim or lawsuit as long as the extent of your fault does not exceed 50 percent. Your compensation will be reduced by the percentage that you were deemed at fault.

Will I Always Be Able to Obtain Compensation After an Accident?

Car accident victims must have actual damages, meaning monetary expenses, that resulted from the accident. Typically, a defective product, such as a defective tire, or a negligent driver causes such accidents. To obtain compensation from other drivers and entities, it’s usually necessary to demonstrate their negligence and show that their negligent actions caused the accident.

If you need to find out more about the claims process and resolving your car accident case, schedule a free consultation with our team by calling (248) 306-8729.

When you choose Goodman Acker, it’s a good decision.

Get Help from Our Sterling Heights Car Accident Lawyer

By teaming up with our car accident attorneys in Sterling Heights, you’ll give yourself and your case the best chances at full compensation. Our experienced legal team at Goodman Acker will answer all of your questions, handle insurance negotiations for you, review evidence to build a strong case, and, in short, help you obtain the damages that you deserve.

With a success rate of 99 percent for the cases that we conclude, we’re confident that we can help you and your situation. We’d be glad to take the opportunity to learn more about you. Please feel free to give our Sterling Heights car accident attorneys a call at (248) 306-8729 and ask for a free consultation today.