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Dogs are meant to be man’s best friends, with many people becoming dog mums and dads. But as friendly as the canine creature is, it sometimes turns vicious, causing harmful bites to people. When you suffer a dog bite injury in Flint, Michigan, you can seek financial compensation from the dog owner, and the money should cover your economic and non-economic damages.

While dog bite cases seem easy, insurance companies always have ways to deny or devalue claims. As such, it is always advisable to secure the services of an experienced Flint dog bite lawyer like the ones at Goodman Acker, P.C. Our attorneys are experienced in dog bite cases and have helped several victims seek compensation successfully.

When you contact us, we will carefully listen to you, examine your case to determine its strengths and weaknesses and advise you on the possibility of receiving compensation. Our initial consultations are free, so call us at 248-286-8100 to schedule one and begin your case.

Why choose our Flint dog bite Lawyer

At Goodman Acker, P.C., we have decades of experience helping injured dog bite victims. Our attorneys understand the Michigan dog bite laws and legal system and will help you fight for your rights and interests. We are dedicated to each case and client we represent and will work diligently to get you the best outcome.

We build strong relationships with our clients and treat each one with dignity and respect, hence our positive ratings and testimonials.

We will dedicate our skills, knowledge, and resources to fight for you and will ensure you get enough compensation for your economic and non-economic damages. We are available 24/7 to attend to you and will keep you updated throughout the claims process. Also, we understand that legal fees make victims shy away from legal representation.

But you don’t have to worry about our fees, as we will receive them once your case has a successful outcome. This is because we work on a contingency fee basis and prioritize our client’s needs. Contact us today at 248-286-8100 to learn more about us and how we can help you.

Common dog bite injuries in Flint, Michigan

Dog attacks are common and can result in frightening and devastating injuries. In the United States, an estimated 4.5 million people sustain injuries from a dog bite yearly. While some bites result in minor nips, about 800,000 people end up in the hospital after a dog bite. Also, most dog bite injuries occur on the arms or hands, and children aged one to four are the most affected.

Some of the most common types of dog bite injuries in Flint, Michigan, are:

  • Broken or punctured skin
  • Broken bones
  • Eye injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Face injuries
  • Scarring
  • Nerve Damage
  • Tissue damage, etc.

After sustaining a dog injury, you might be eligible for compensation. Michigan ranks fifth among the states in the U.S. for dog bite claims, meaning it also has several incidences of dog bites.

What should you do after a dog bite injury?

After a dog bite injury, take the following steps:

  • Clean the wound with soap and water and apply an antiseptic if available.
  • Seek medical attention promptly to assess the severity of the injury, prevent infection, and receive necessary vaccinations.
  • Identify the dog owner and obtain information on their name, contact information, and any relevant details about the dog (breed, color, size, vaccinations, etc.). This information is crucial for medical records and if you want to take legal action.
  • Take photos of your injuries and where the dog bite occurred. It also helps to get witness information.
  • Next, report the dog bite to the local animal control or law enforcement agency. Ensure you provide them with the information about the dog and how the incident occurred. The report is proof when filing a claim, so ensure you are as concise as possible.

Our dedicated team of attorneys is ethical, loyal, and trustworthy and will maximize your settlement in your time of need.

Who can file a dog bite claim?

Under the Michigan Dog Bite Statute (MCL 287.351), a person bitten by a dog can file a lawsuit to recover damages from the dog owner. However, the person must have been on the property legally, either as a licensee or invitee on public or private property. This means that if you were trespassing on a property and got bitten by a dog, you might be unable to seek compensation.

Also, if you provoked the dog, e.g., by taunting or stepping on its tail, it might be hard to receive compensation. However, don’t rule out your eligibility for a settlement after a dog bite injury; speak with our Flint dog bite lawyer instead.

Who is liable for dog bite injuries in Michigan?

Unlike most states in the U.S., Michigan does not have a One Bite Rule, so it is irrelevant whether the dog has a history of violence or has bitten someone before. Therefore, once a dog bites someone, the owner becomes immediately liable to pay compensation. This is known as a strict liability rule.

A dog owner will not be liable for an injury caused by a trespasser or someone who intentionally provokes the dog. You have three years to commence the lawsuit when suing for a dog bite injury. The time starts counting from the day of the dog bite, and once it elapses, you cannot recover compensation.

Recoverable damages in a Michigan dog bite case

As a dog bite victim, you can recover economic and non-economic damages, covering your monetary and non-monetary losses. Examples of the two include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of income
  • Property damage (if any)
  • Scarring or disfigurement
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Loss of consortium, etc.

Although rare, if a dog bite leads to death, the decedent’s beneficiaries can file a wrongful death lawsuit and recover compensation, including funeral and burial expenses.

At Goodman Acker, P.C., our Flint dog bite attorneys have recovered sizable settlements and verdicts for our clients.

Flint dog bite Lawyer FAQs

As an injured dog victim, you will likely have questions about the claims process and possible compensation. When you visit our law firm, we will address all your concerns, but first, here are some of the questions we frequently get.

The value of your dog bite claim depends on several factors. This generally includes the severity of the injury inflicted by the dog, if there is any visible scarring or disfigurement, how long it took to recover, the total of your economic and non-economic damages, and the extent of the dog owner’s insurance coverage.

No. You can decide to handle your dog bite case alone, but bear in mind that the dog owner or their insurer will likely have legal representation. Also, having a lawyer ensures you are taken seriously and have someone watching out for you, protecting your rights and interests.

Yes. However, most people avoid doing so to prevent straining their relationship with their neighbor or friend. But this should not deter you as the claim is made against the dog owner’s homeowners insurance policy and not their personal finances.

It is best not to. Avoid saying anything about your injury, recovery, or treatment, as the dog owner will repeat whatever you say to their insurer, who may use it against you. It is best to let your lawyer handle every correspondence with the dog owner or their insurer.

How Our Dog Bite Attorneys in Flint, Michigan, Can Help You

No personal injury case is easy, and you always stand a better chance of getting fair compensation with legal representation. Also, having counsel makes it less easy for insurance companies to bully you or offer peanut settlements that will not cover your losses. There’s also the advantage of lawyers knowing the law, the correct application, and having negotiation and trial skills.

Our attorneys at Goodman Acker, P.C. have these skills and more, and when you retain our services, we will do the following for you:

  • Provide legal guidance and counseling
  • Handle the filing and documentation of the claim
  • Investigate the dog attack and gather the required evidence
  • Negotiate with insurers for fair compensation
  • If negotiation fails, file a lawsuit and advocate for you in court.

We will help you navigate all the legal complexities, explain what you don’t know, and guide you to make the best decisions.

Get The Help You Need From Goodman Acker P.C.

If you or a loved one sustained a dog bite injury, our Goodman Acker, P.C., legal team can help. We are only a phone call away, so contact us at 248-286-8100 to schedule a free case review.

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