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A personal injury accident can occur anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. But unfortunately, not everyone uses care around others. Dangerous drivers, neglectful property owners, and even animals can instantly change life as we know it.

A car accident, a surgical mistake, or a dog bite can leave you with considerable damage. In addition to your or your loved one’s physical pain, you could also face mounting financial pressures. Time away from work and mounting medical costs are additional challenges for victims of negligence.

If you or a loved one experienced harm due to negligence, a Kalamazoo personal injury lawyer may be able to help you. Pursuing compensation for your damages is your right under Michigan law. Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately to find out if you have a civil case.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

A personal injury accident involving negligence involves a person or company failing to use care when it comes to others. A reasonable person in a similar situation uses care to prevent others from harm; negligent people and companies do not.

A Michigan driver’s license is one example of how negligence can result in car accidents. A state-issued driver’s license is a privilege — not a right — yet many Michigan motor vehicle accidents result from drivers who are negligent in the following ways:

  • Aggressive: engaging in acts of road rage
  • Distracted: on a cell phone, passenger distraction, or eating
  • Drunk or drugged: under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Tired and drowsy: lack of sleep or an undiagnosed sleep disorder.

No one should suffer extensive medical costs or lost wages because of a catastrophic injury caused by a reckless driver. However, a Kalamazoo personal injury lawyer knows how to hold dangerous drivers accountable under Michigan civil law.

Other types of personal injury accidents involving negligence include:

  • Dog bites: tissue, nerve, or muscle damage or disease
  • Slip and fall accidents: torn flooring, wet floors, poor lighting
  • Motorcycle accidents: drivers fail to yield or fail to watch blind spots
  • Pedestrian accidents: distracted, drunk, or speeding driver
  • Bicycle accidents: drivers fail to share the road
  • Trucking accidents: commercial truck drivers who speed or trucks with poor tires or brakes
  • Medical malpractice: wrong side surgery, prescription mistakes, hospital-acquired infections.

These are just a few examples of how the negligence of one persona can result in severe harm to another. If you or a loved one experienced a personal injury accident, never admit fault, or agree to a fast settlement. Instead, contact Goodman Acker, P.C., for a free case evaluation.

We will work hard to secure compensation for your damages, which protects your future medical care needs. However, severe and catastrophic injuries generally require ongoing medical costs that can far exceed your ability to pay.

When negligence is at the core of your personal injury accident, you should not pay out-of-pocket for your medical cost and other damages. Instead, get help for your personal injury claim or lawsuit by hiring Goodman Acker P.C. as soon as possible.

Michigan Statute of Limitations

Why Time Is of The Utmost Importance for Your Kalamazoo Personal Injury Case

The Michigan statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death cases is three years. The three-year period begins at the moment of injury or death.

Three years can pass quickly as you adjust to your life changes. However, hiring a personal injury or wrongful death attorney as soon as possible can help you to meet essential court deadlines.

Failure to file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires can leave you with few or no legal options. To protect your best interests, contacting a member of our team soon after your accident or loss is best.

Why Choose Us?

With more than 150 years of collective experience, Goodman Acker P.C. has a strong record of helping victims of negligence. Our case results demonstrate our commitment to securing the best outcome for our clients.

We are proud of the client testimonials we receive. The following descriptions of our service are something we offer to every client:

  • Caring
  • Professional
  • Fast response
  • Explains things clearly.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case is vital for securing the compensation you deserve. At Goodman Acker, PC, we understand how a personal injury accident turns your world upside down. That is why we treat clients like family.

The stress of your situation places you in no position to manage your case alone. However, our friendly, compassionate team is ready to work on your personal injury case.

When you or a loved one suffers a personal injury due to negligence, you need an attorney who understands Michigan Law. Contact Goodman Acker, PC, today for help with your Kalamazoo personal injury claim or lawsuit. 

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How We Help Kalamazoo Personal Injury Victims

Michigan Attorneys That Fight for You

A traumatic accident is a sudden and frightening event. Life as you know it stops as you face extensive — and expensive — medical care. Returning to your job or career may take months or become impossible due to the severity of your injuries.

At Goodman Acker, P.C., we understand the profound effect such an accident has on our clients’ lives. Our experience working with clients who suffered harm due to the negligence of others helps us to help you.

As a victim of negligence, you need someone on your side throughout the legal process. Most personal injury claims settle out of court. However, your attorney will keep you in the loop if your case goes to trial as your trial date approaches.

Building a compelling case for compensation takes time. Negotiating with an insurance company for a fair settlement takes time, and so does a potential trial. Our team will work hard to secure the best outcome possible as soon as possible — without settling for less than you deserve.

If you or a loved one suffered life-altering harm due to the careless actions of another person or company, you can help us by providing the following:

  • Accident scene videos and photographs
  • Police reports or store incident reports
  • Contact information for witnesses
  • Medical reports detailing your injuries
  • Documentation of your missed time from work.

Let us put our skills and experience to work for you. Focus more on your healing and less on the details of your tragic accident. We are aggressive, trusted, and ready to help you fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.

FAQs about Personal Injury

Helpful Information about Claims and Lawsuits

Kalamazoo personal injury attorney answers frequently asked questions regarding civil claims and lawsuits:

What are the essential first steps following a personal injury accident?

Seek immediate medical attention, do not admit fault, and contact Goodman Acker P.C. for help with your case.

Can I accept an insurance company settlement without a lawyer?

Accepting an insurance company settlement without a lawyer places you at risk for accepting far less than you deserve. It is best to hire a Kalamazoo personal injury lawyer to protect your best interests.

What happens if the liable party is uninsured?

If the liable party is uninsured, we can help you fight for what your insurance policy coverage includes. You deserve the coverage you paid countless premiums for throughout the years.

How much does a personal injury lawyer cost?

Goodman Acker P.C. works on a contingency-fee-basis. If we do not win your case, you do not owe us any legal fees.

What are my options if my loved one’s injuries are fatal?

If your loved one dies from their injuries, you may want to pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. A death results in unexpected damages, such as funeral costs and the loss of companionship.

No one personal injury case is alike. If you have additional questions regarding your case, contact Goodman Acker, P.C. today for a free case consultation.

Goodman Acker, PC: Kalamazoo Personal Injury Attorneys

A tragic accident is more than just a bad night or day. It sets forth a long journey of recovery and, in some cases, permanent injury. The changes to your quality of life are unfair and worthy of a civil case.

We genuinely care about our clients and work hard on their behalf. But unfortunately, insurance companies seldom want to pay victims what they deserve. At Goodman Acker, P.C., we hold insurance companies accountable and fight for compensation for the damages their client caused.

At the Goodman Acker, P.C. team, our clients can expect care and compassion from day one. While we aggressively fight for what you deserve, we treat you kindly. Having us by your side can ease much of your post-accident stress.

Contact us if you suffered severe harm due to a negligent person or company or lost a loved one. A free case consultation and our no-fee policy make us an easy choice when choosing the right Kalamazoo personal injury attorney for your case.

Call Goodman Acker today at (248) 286-8100 for your free case consultation.

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