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Bicycle Safety – What You Need to Know


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The Michigan State Police and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) often encourage all road users, including bicyclists and motorists, to obey traffic rules and respect each other’s right of way. However, not every bicyclist knows or applies the safety rules when on the roadway.

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What you need to know about Michigan’s bike safety rules

The Michigan bike safety rules are two-fold — for the bicyclist and the motor vehicle driver. We examine both below.

Safety rules for bicycle riders

As a bicycle rider, it is easy to believe that only drivers must be careful on the roadway since the law sees you as the more endangered road user. But this is not true. There are safety rules you must adhere to, and they include the following:

  • Riding with traffic flow and obeying the rules of the road: Riding against the flow of traffic endangers you and puts you at risk of a head-on collision. This is the same with disobeying the rules of the road. Therefore, go with the traffic when cycling, keep your eyes on the road before you and ride within the bicycle lane.

  • Use hand signals when turning or stopping: Bicycles, unlike cars, are not equipped with flashing turn signals. Use hand signals when turning or stopping. Doing this lets other vehicles know your intention, and they can adjust accordingly to prevent a collision.

  • Obey traffic signals, signs, and markings: Traffic signs, signals, and markings are not there for decoration but to keep you safe. Use the bicycle lane if there is one, and observe all other posted directions.

  • Wear reflective clothing and use reflectors at night: Since bicycles do not have rear lights or headlights like cars, you must wear reflective clothing if you must cycle at night. Neon and bright colors like yellow are best at nighttime; reflective markings on your clothing, shoes and bicycle can also help increase your visibility to motorists, reducing the risk of an accident.

  • Watch for debris that might make you fall or swerve:  If you fail to notice debris until it is right in front of you, you could swerve into the path of oncoming traffic or be thrown from the bike and get hit.

Having the same rights and responsibilities as motorized vehicles means having the same liabilities. So, always prioritize safety when cycling.

Safety rules for motor vehicle drivers

The following are the bicycle safety rules drivers must follow to ensure the safety of bicyclists and to prevent accidents:

  • Give at least three feet of space when passing bicyclists.

  • Obey traffic markings, signs, and signals.

  • Share the roadway with cyclists and do not discriminate against their speed.

  • Avoid distracted driving and drive within the posted speed limit.

  • Be cautious and alert at intersections, especially when turning.

  • Always look out for bicyclists when parking or backing up.

  • Before opening your car door, check your surroundings to avoid “dooring” a bicyclist.

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