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Hours of Service Regulations for Truckers Suspended

In response to an increased demand for supplies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, hours of service regulations have been suspended. These regulations, established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), define the amount of time that truck drivers can safely stay on the road during a shift. Hours of service regulations minimize driver fatigue and […]

[Infographic] Breaking Down Hours of Service Regulations

Of all the regulations pertaining to the trucking industry, Hours of Service regulations are designed to keep truck drivers and all others on the road free from significant harm. It prevents fatigued driving and allows truck drivers to receive the proper rest they need to continue working. It’s imperative to understand the Hours of Service […]

What Challenges May I Face In a Truck Accident Claim?

Any time you need to take legal action against a negligent party for injuries sustained, it can be complicated. Challenges can arise and you may wonder if the results you may receive are even worth the hassle of what you’re enduring. Before you move forward, you should understand some of the challenges you can experience […]

How Can a Trucking Company Keep Their Drivers Safe?

For a trucking company, there are several obligations to which they must adhere in order to their drivers and others on the road safe. These measures must be taken on a regular basis to keep problems from occurring and to prevent injuries in serious accidents. Unfortunately, not all trucking companies are looking for drivers. They’re […]

The Catastrophic Nature of a Trucking Accident

Some of the worst accidents that can occur involve large commercial trucks which often reach up to 80,000 pounds. Combine that with the speed many of these large vehicles travel on the highway and a collision can be devastating to all parties involved. In many of these situations, the injuries sustained by those in smaller […]

Can I File a Third-Party Lawsuit After a Trucking Accident?

By now, it’s understood that there are several parties within the trucking industry who may be held accountable for a collision. What happens, though, when liability falls outside of the trucking company, the truck driver, and employees in a warehouse? What happens when it is a manufacturer who is considered responsible for a crash? Unfortunately, […]

Trucking Industry Regulations

Like any job type and occupation, there are certain rules and regulations that those in the trucking industry must abide by to ensure they are operating in a safe manner. The federal regulations are designed to ensure that drivers, workers, owners, and even manufacturers put public safety first. Unfortunately, the trucking industry also has a […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Truck Accident Lawyer

For countless individuals each year, navigating the aftermath of a truck accident proves to be extremely difficult to ensure. Unfortunately, this often causes individuals to avoid taking the legal action necessary to obtain justice and compensation. When you’re faced with what is seemingly an uphill battle involving a trucking company and their insurance company, you need your […]