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Goodman Acker Attorney Eboney Hughes Writes Guest Column On Black History Month

Goodman Acker is happy to announce that our attorney Eboney Hughes was selected to write a guest column on the subject of Black History Month for the Observer and Eccentric Newspaper (O&E Media). The guest column was printed in the Milford Times O&E Newspaper, Thursday, February 19, 2015 edition and can also be found on the O&E hometown life website

Attorney Eboney R. Hughes

Attorney Eboney R. Hughes

In the article, Eboney answers the question of whether or not Black History Month should exist. As a young African American woman, her response may surprise you and in fact she can be quoted as such in the article.

“Should Black History Month still exist? The short answer is no. You may be surprised that an African-American woman would say such a thing, but let me explain. I believe that Black History Month should no longer exist because I believe that black history should not be limited to one month out of the year. Simply put, black history is American history. Therefore, black history should be fully integrated into American history. When this is done, there would not be a need for a nationally celebrated Black History Month.”

A native Detroiter, Eboney currently resides in Wixom Michigan. At Goodman Acker P.C. Eboney specializes in representing the rights of victims injured in all types of personal injury accident matters, including auto accident and first party claims and premises liability.

Becoming an attorney was one of the biggest accomplishments for Eboney. She knew from the time she was a young adult that being an attorney is what she wanted to do with her life. She also knew that personal injury was the area in which she wanted to practice because of her natural connection she easily made with people and her desire to help others in need.

She also has a passion for the City of Detroit and a deep interest in black history. One way of keeping history alive for her was joining the Wolverine Bar Association (WBA). The WBA was the first African American bar association in Michigan. It is dedicated to sponsoring programs that raise money for the distribution of scholarships to deserving students, hosting programs that educate and instruct students on the fundamental skills needed for a legal career, and sponsoring community outreach programs.

She truly enjoys being a part of that organization and one day has a dream to start her own non-profit organization that helps African Americans financially on all levels, including helping children and young adults learn how to manage money and prepare for the future.

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