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Why You Should Never Give a Recorded Statement Without an Attorney After a Car Accident

After getting in an accident, an insurance company adjuster will want to get a recorded statement from you about how the accident happened. While it may seem natural to cooperate, there are many risks involved. As a general rule, you should never give an oral or recorded statement to ANYONE without the advice of a lawyer.

Insurance companies do what is in their best interest. For this reason, they will do everything they can to reduce how much you make in a car accident claim or completely deny your claim using your recorded statement against you. How you might ask?

  • First, they’ll compare your latest statement with any other ones you gave, whether it was to a police officer, the person you were in the accident with or a third party. If they see conflicting statements or inconsistencies, they may claim you lied and may deny your claim.
  • Second, they’ll ask questions and use certain methods in order to trap you. Persistency is the game and if you respond with an “I guess” response on the phone, it can come back to bite you.
  • Third, they’ll use the statement you gave them and cross-examine you at trial or during your disposition. You may not remember everything you said at the time, since it may have been weeks or months prior, and if you contradict yourself, it could convince the jury that your testimony is bogus or full of holes.

If you have to give a recorded statement to an insurer, you need an experienced car accident attorney by your side. At Goodman Acker, P.C., we will work with insurance adjusters so that you don’t have to and you can concentrate on your recovery. If you hire one of our Detroit car accident lawyers, we can obtain all necessary evidence to help you win your case.

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