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Why You Should Stay in Your Car After an Accident

After a car wreck, some drivers and passengers make the mistake of getting out of their vehicle to check the damage or direct traffic. However, this is a dangerous, and even fatal, action. Recent crashes in Michigan prompted the Michigan State Police to post a warning on Twitter of the hazards of getting out of your car after an accident. Specifically, three people were killed over the course of several days when they exited their vehicles and were struck by other drivers.

How Can You Increase Your Safety After a Car Wreck?

First, you need to stay in your car with the seatbelt on. If you are able, you should move the car out of traffic onto a shoulder to prevent another accident from happening. Second, you should call 911, noting the location of where you are to help first responders reach you faster. Third, you should wait for emergency personnel to arrive. The police can set up a parameter around the crash site and direct traffic, and medical professionals can provide the treatment you need. If you witness a crash on the freeway, the Michigan State Police say you should keep going and call 911.

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