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Am I Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) program provides compensation to workers’ who are no longer able to perform their job duties because of an injury.

If you are out of work because of an injury, you may be wondering if you qualify for Social Security disability. Not all job-disrupting injuries qualify workers for SSDI benefits — you must meet certain eligibility requirements to begin earning compensation.

Who Qualifies for SSDI Benefits?

Social Security disability benefits are reserved for people under the age of 65 years old who have worked for a significant portion of the time before they were injured.

A worker qualifies for the Social Security disability program if they meet the following conditions:

  • The injury rendered the individual unable to return to their pre-injury job.
  • The injury victim is also unable to work in a different role.
  • The injury will disable the worker for a year or more, or is fatal.

How is SSDI Eligibility Determined?

The Social Security Administration uses the “work credits” system to initially evaluate an applicant’s eligibility for receiving benefits. Work credits are simply a way of quantifying time in the working world. For example, an applicant under the age of 24 must have six work credits to qualify for SSDI. Six work credits is equivalent to a year and a half of work during the three-year pre-injury period. Work credit requirements vary among different age brackets, and range from six credits for applicants under 24 years old to 40 credits for those over 62 years old.

To decide if a person is eligible to receive SSDI benefits, the Social Security Administration evaluates the applicant’s injury severity, it’s impact on their ability to return to work, and if the injury is considered a “disabling condition”. Qualifying disabilities include a variety of different conditions that affect all parts of the body. Social Security disability insurance eligibility determination relies more on the severity of the victim’s injury rather than the type of injury.

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