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Identifying a Back Injury After a Car Accident

Research shows roughly 3 million people suffer serious injuries in automobile accidents every year, and more than 90 people are killed in automobile crashes every day. While car accidents can lead to a wide range of mild, moderate, and severe injuries, some of the most common varieties are back injuries.

Back injuries come in many forms, including spinal cord injuries, herniated discs, and lumbar spine injuries. In most cases, spinal cord injuries are the most serious type of back injury and often result in full or partial paralysis. A spinal cord injury occurs when the nerves along the spinal column are bruised or damaged.

In many cases, victims of severe spinal cord injuries are at risk of secondary medical conditions, such as:

  • Blood Clots
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Spinal Fluid Leaks
  • Infections from Surgery

Herniated disc injuries happen when the rubbery substance between the bones in the back pinch a nerve or slip out of place. Pain, muscle weakness, and numbness in the hands and feet indicate a herniated disc injury. In many cases, the damaged disc presses against the surrounding nerves of the spinal cord, causing additional discomfort and potential complications.

The “lumbar spine” is a section of vertebrae primarily responsible for stabilizing the back and spinal cord. While lumbar spine injuries are not usually permanent, they can lead to pain and influence your ability to work and perform basic tasks while you recover.

Identifying a lumbar spine injury:

  • Excessive pain or pressure in the neck, back, or head
  • Numbness or paralysis (can affect any part of the body)
  • Loss of sensation (ability to feel cold / heat)
  • Breathing difficulty (including coughing attacks)

If You Injured Your Back, Now is the Time to See a Doctor

If you suspect your car accident led to a back injury, speak to a doctor now. In some cases, serious back injuries are not immediately apparent. Numbness, for example, may occur gradually if internal bleeding is a factor. Even if you feel “fine” after an accident, speak with a medical professional to make sure you haven’t suffered undiscovered injuries.

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