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Inkster Car Accident Lawsuit Filed for Head-On Collision

We believe negligent and reckless drivers must be held accountable in court. Our firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of our injured client, who was involved in a head-on collision with another driver. We are committed to providing the best possible representation and are fighting for justice on her behalf.

The Situation

In December 2016, our client was lawfully stopped on the southbound Inkster Road, at the intersection of Avondale Road and Inkster Road. While waiting to make a left turn, she was struck head-on by a driver who swerved over the center line while traveling northbound on Inkster Road.

Our client suffered serious injuries from the collision. These included lumbar and cervical spine disc herniations, nasal injuries with a deviated septum, abrasions, contusions, lower back pain, and other conditions. She also suffered immense pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, anxiety, and fear because of the crash.

Our Firm Is Dedicated to Pursuing Justice from Those Responsible

We have filed a third-party lawsuit against two parties: the person who was driving the car and the owner of the car who hit our client. The claim has been filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court. We are seeking to prove that the driver operated the vehicle in a reckless, unsafe, and negligent manner. Furthermore, we will use evidence to show that the vehicle owner’s negligence also contributed to our client’s suffering.

We have also filed a claim with our client’s insurance company to receive benefits through her no-fault uninsured motorist coverage policy. Our legal team is pursuing a settlement for all past, present, and expected future medical bills associated with our client’s injuries, as well as pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. We are committed to seeking the highest amount of compensation possible to help our client move forward from this devastating incident.

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