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Michigan Drivers Can Now Use Smart Phones to Show Proof of Insurance

A new Michigan law now allows drivers to show proof of automobile insurance to law enforcement using smart phones or tablets. Originally signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder in October 2015 (House Bill 4193), the legislation officially took effect on January 5, 2016. The purpose of the law is to give drivers greater flexibility and convenience in proving that they have the required insurance during traffic stops.

Insurers are becoming increasingly conscious of mobile technology. As a growing number of auto insurance companies are now offering mobile-centric services, this new law is expected to be much more convenient for drivers who rely on their mobile devices and always keep them on hand.

Worried about security? As part of the law, law enforcement officers will not be able to access any private information while viewing the proof of insurance on a mobile device. Law enforcement may require the driver to send the proof of insurance via email for verification.

What about data usage? Since the mobile applications that allow drivers to show electronic proof of insurance typically require a data connection, this method could potentially cost some drivers who have limited data plans. Officers have suggested that even a picture of a driver’s proof of insurance will be sufficient proof.

This new legislation was made in an effort to modernize the Michigan government and keep up with changes in technology, especially when it comes to mobile technology. Michigan has joined the list of 36 other states allowing proof of insurance to be displayed on mobile devices.

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