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Understanding Responsibility as the Host of a New Year’s Celebration

As many already know, New Year’s Eve brings about the largest parties and celebrations of the year. While this can be an enjoyable evening to spend with family, friends, and other close loved ones from the comfort of your own home, it is important you understand liabilities to ensure you and your guests are protected.

In the state of Michigan, dram shop laws can hold a vendor, such as a bar, shop, or restaurant, liable for providing alcoholic beverages to a minor or visibly intoxicated individual who causes a vehicle collision after leaving that location. But, what happens if a guest from your party causes a vehicle collision after leaving your home?

According to sources, a host can be exposed to legal responsibility if a guest drinks too much and causes an accident after leaving your celebration. Some judges may even rule that you, as the host, should have recognized your guest’s level of intoxication and not allowed them to continue to drink or drive. In these types of cases, judges can argue that a host acted recklessly.

So, to make sure you and your guests are safe as we move into the new year, consider the following tips we have listed below:

  • Collect keys as guests arrive. This will ensure your guests do not get on the road while intoxicated.
  • Add a link to driving service apps on your email invitation. In doing so, you can ensure your guests have access to rides once they are ready to leave your party.
  • Statistically, New Years is one of the most dangerous nights to drive. To be extra safe, ask your guests to stay the night and drive home in the morning when they are sober and the roads are less dangerous.
  • NEVER serve alcohol to minors. Although many believe serving alcohol to minors is okay when the young guests are in a home, doing so can lead to serious criminal charges for both the host and the minor.

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