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What to Do When a Car Accident Isn’t Your Fault

car accident that you did not cause is still a car accident that will be a problem for you. Plenty of issues and complications are sure to arise, but you can try to mitigate them by knowing what to do ahead of time. Otherwise, you might find yourself simply guessing and making mistakes after being in a collision.

Here is a quick list of the most important things to do after being in a car accident that wasn’t your fault:

  • Keep calm: Knowing who struck you and collecting identifying information – IDs, license plates, and insurance information – can be useful but it is not absolutely necessary. Since Michigan is a no-fault insurance state, your own auto insurance should kick in and provide no-fault benefits for economic losses regardless of who caused the collision. This form of insurance law is particularly helpful for hit-and-run accidents or those caused by an uninsured driver. All in all, knowing that you should be eligible for some sort of coverage no matter what should help you stay calm after the crash.
  • Treat: If you need medical care after being in an accident, seek it out as soon as possible. You should not jeopardize your health by denying medical treatment. Do not be concerned about the potential cost when your wellbeing is at risk. Also, delaying or denying medical care could increase your liability for any resulting damages.
  • Inform: Probably most people in your life are going to want to know about your car accident, but the one party that needs to be told sooner than later is your own insurance company. Ideally, you will tell your insurer no more than an hour after the car accident happens so it does not seem like you are trying to hide details. Just make certain you do not admit any fault or even apologize for what happened, as this could be considered an admission of guilt.
  • Contact: As it has been mentioned, the average car accident claim can become rife with complications, especially if the liable party is trying to duck their accountability. Understanding the legal considerations can also become problematic if you are not well-versed in your state’s liability laws. To be safe, it is recommended that you contact a personal injury lawyer for guidance and representation, if needed. Many people actually call an attorney before notifying their own insurer, just to make certain they do not say the wrong thing.

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