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Year: 2020


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Determining Fault in Motorcycle Accidents

Why Are Motorcycles Treated Differently Than Cars? The state of Michigan does not consider motorcycles to be motor vehicles. This means two things: one, that a motorcyclist involved in a crash is very unlikely to be considered liable or at-fault in the same way as a car or truck, and two, that a motorcycle is […]

Will I See Savings on My Car Insurance Bill Under the New Michigan No-Fault Law?

As you probably know by now, Michigan has recently undergone a massive change in the way auto insurance works. You must now choose from one of the following protection levels to receive no-fault medical benefits for your auto insurance policy issued or renewed after July 1, 2020: $50,000 in medical coverage $250,000 in medical coverage $500,000 in […]

Goodman Acker Law Firm to Support City of Detroit Residents with the Fellowship Chapel Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

Reverend Wendell and Lady Monica Anthony of Fellowship Chapel have made Thanksgiving Turkey dinner giveaways a tradition for the last 30 years, providing more than 100,000 dinners. This will be Goodman Acker’s 2nd year participating in the Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway and they are honored to be part of this community event as many local residents […]

Election Updates from the Goodman Acker Team

1. Lawsuits: There are now 6 lawsuits in state and federal courts brought by Trump or his allies making allegations of irregularities and fraud in Detroit election procedures, principally the counting of absentee votes at the TCF (formerly Cobo) Center on Nov. 3-4. The lawsuits seek relief ranging from blocking certification of the vote to an […]

Understanding the Types of Car Accidents

And How They Happen Anytime your vehicle collides with another car or object, you have experienced a car accident. Car accidents can be minor, like bumping into the side of your own parking garage, or extremely severe, like colliding head-on with another vehicle. Most car accidents fall into certain categories, which we will outline below. Many […]

What Happens After a Hit and Run?

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, but that doesn’t stop some people from doing so. Hit-and-run crashes can be much worse than typical car accidents. With no one to call for help, injuries can intensify – and it can be difficult to hold the at-fault driver accountable. Sometimes, the police never find the […]

Can You Get a Ticket for Not Wearing a Seatbelt in Michigan?

Yes, you can get a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt in Michigan. You can even get a ticket if your passenger is not wearing a seatbelt. In 2018, the state joined the nationwide “Click It or Ticket” campaign and began issuing $65 tickets for unbuckled drivers and front seat passengers. Each year, Michigan State Police also host […]

School Bus Safety Week

Every third week of October, the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) hosts National School Bus Safety Week. The educational event helps parents, students, teachers, school administrators, motorists, and bus drivers emphasize the importance of school bus safety. In 2020, School Bus Safety Week takes place October on 19-23 and the theme is “Red Lights Mean STOP!” Under Section […]

Car Accidents Caused by Maintenance and Repair Issues

Being a safe driver involves more than using your turn signals, obeying speed limits, and practicing other safe behaviors while behind the wheel. In addition to these responsibilities, drivers must maintain their vehicle to ensure it works properly. If a vehicle is not well maintained, the vehicle is not safe to drive and car accidents […]