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Fox 2 News Covers Lawsuit For Detroit Broken Traffic Signals

On Tuesday, June 2nd, Fox 2 News covered a story on one of our most recent lawsuit filings involving the death of a motorcyclist after a fatal crash in the City of Detroit. The story is heartbreaking and many would describe it as a tragic nightmare: the abrupt death of a beloved family member at the hands of a negligent party.

On May 15th, 2013, our client was traveling via motorcycle through the intersection of Warren Avenue and McGraw Avenue when he was fatally struck by another vehicle. Both our client and the driver of the vehicle had green signals, which resulted in an unexpected and deadly collision. The maintenance of these malfunctioning green light signals were the responsibility of a local contractor hired by the City of Detroit.

After the accident occurred, police came to the scene and interviewed those who lived in the surrounding neighborhoods. It was found that the traffic signal at West Warren Avenue at the intersections of Beechwood and McGraw had been malfunctioning for some time. The City of Detroit was made aware of the problem, yet the contractor responsible for the maintenance, operation, inspection, supervision, repair and replacement of the traffic signal had not come out to fix it.

Although it has been two years since the fatal motorcycle crash, his family is still mourning his death and wants answers as to why this fatal accident occurred and who should be held responsible.

Goodman Acker P.C. was hired on behalf of the family. Our Detroit personal injury lawyers are pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the contractor for damages, including the pain and suffering damages the family has had to face, the contractor’s breach of duty to the public to maintain and properly manage the traffic lights, and more.

Fox 2 News arrived at Goodman Acker P.C. to interview the daughter of our client about the circumstances surrounding his death and to get insight from Attorney Jordan Acker into the legal issues involved in this case. Watch the video below for the exclusive Fox 2 News Interview with Anchor Erika Erickson:

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