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Labor Complications: When It’s Time to Involve a Birth Injury Lawyer

Issues during labor and delivery are every parent’s worst nightmare. Mothers that experience problems during the birthing process should have proper medical attention and action, but what happens when a medical professional fails to address and provide adequate care for labor complications? Well, it can put both the mother and baby in severe danger, resulting in permanent injuries or sadly, even death. When these preventable injuries occur, it is considered medical malpractice. If you or your child has been injured as the result of medical malpractice, it’s time to involve a birth injury lawyer.

Labor complications, such as failure to progress, fetal distress, excessive bleeding and malposition can occur, but that doesn’t automatically make it medical malpractice. It’s when the medical staff makes a mistake that jeopardizes the health of you or your baby that you might have a birth injury claim on your hands.

Below are a few common examples of how injuries can occur during labor and delivery:

  • Administering the wrong medication during pregnancy
  • Failure to properly monitor fetal signs
  • Failure to order diagnostic or other testing
  • Failure to follow up on vaginal bleeding or reduced fetal movement
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section
  • Misuse of tools, such as forceps
  • Failure of hospital staff to alert doctors
  • Delay or improper use of anesthesia

If you or your baby has been injured during labor complications as the result of someone else’s negligence, you need to speak to one of our experienced Detroit birth injury lawyers. At Goodman Acker, P.C., our legal team can review your medical records and evaluate whether or not your injuries or your babies’ injuries occurred as the result of medical malpractice. Let us help you recover the compensation you need and deserve after sustaining a preventable injury.

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