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Compensation After Michigan Car Accident

Victims seriously injured in a Michigan car accident should be aware of their legal rights. Many are aware that they can be compensated for the damage to their vehicle, however, it’s important that victims also understand what other types of damages they may be able to be compensated for.

Not only do car accident victims endure pain and suffering, but most likely incur a mounting amount of bills for medical expenses, rehabilitation, renting a car or using a taxi while your car is being repaired, possible loss of income due to the inability to work, and more.

Under Michigan law, an injured person is entitled to the first party and third party benefits. First party benefits, also known as no-fault benefits, are payable to anyone who suffers an injury arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use of a motor vehicle as a motor vehicle. These benefits, also known as economic benefits, are paid for by your insurance company and can include monetary reimbursement for your medical bills, rehabilitation, attendant care services (in-home nursing care), medical transportation, and more.

Third-party benefits, also known as compensatory damages or pain and suffering damages, are designed to compensate the injured party for their injuries. This type of claim is filed against the negligent or at-fault driver with the purpose to make the injured victim whole again through a monetary award or settlement. As a result, the accident and car accident victim’s losses and injuries must be analyzed and a total dollar amount must be determined.

Those who have suffered serious and/or life-changing injuries should really consider hiring a qualified attorney as they should have significant experience in determining a fair amount but also able to negotiate with the insurance companies why you deserve this compensation. This can often be a difficult task when some of your injuries or damages may not be able to be seen, such as mental pain or even the pain due to the loss of enjoyment of certain actives.

As a resource to our clients, Goodman Acker Senior Partner and Attorney Jerry Acker discuss in this video below the different types of compensation a Michigan car accident victim may be entitled to. Watch our video to learn how we can help you.

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At the law firm of Goodman Acker, our Michigan car accident lawyers are dedicated to helping those recover damages after an accident. Unlike many other attorneys who are only able to assist clients with their third party benefits, our lawyers specialize in helping victims attain their third party benefits and their first-party benefits.

Our attorneys have been representing auto injury clients for over 30 years helping them obtain the maximum compensation they deserve. This is not an easy task and not every attorney is capable of getting those types of results for their clients. It is important that you are smart when choosing the right attorney for your case. It will often mean the difference between getting a fair settlement or no settlement at all.

Call our top-rated attorneys today to discuss your Michigan car accident claim for free! We have represented thousands of auto accident victims receive justice and win the maximum settlement for their injuries- and we can help you too! Call now at (248) 793-2010. We represent our clients under a contingency fee basis, which means no legal fees or costs until we win or settle your claim.

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